Mix & Match

Mix & Match

Our proposal is that you use the most appropriate shoe for each occasion, ballerina or stiletto, interchanging them according to the time you are going to be standing, the distance you are going to walk or simply according to where or with whom you are.

Get out of house to eat the world with your ballerinas on, driving, going by walk or by public transport ... and don't give up on the total comfort of a pair of ballerinas.

And always carry your stilettos with you when you get to work, attend an event, a dinner with friends or as a couple, a celebration ... feel like an empowered woman on your heels, ready for any plan, however different it may be. Say yes to everything because life are experiences and you have to squeeze it.

Usually an ecological and / or vegan shoe is not associated with formality or elegance. We are here to break barriers: an elegant stiletto can be as ecological as a sneaker or bio sandals.

A woman in a jacket suit can fight with the same conviction for the preservation of the environment as someone dressed in the opposite way. Down with prejudices and let's unite for the same cause: our planet Earth