Zero Emissions

Onnoa Zero Emisiones


Every action has an impact on nature. It is not possible to manufacture anything without generating a negative impact. In spite of this, our footstep on the planet, doesn´t have to leave a negative footprint.

For this reason, we were born as a zero impact brand from day 1, offsetting more than 100% of our emissions. At ONNOA we work in 2 directions:


Manufacturing in local workshops and using the most sustainable materials and processes within our reach.

All our packaging is exclusively 100% recycled cardboard, we don’t use any type of plastic.

Our obsession is to constantly improve ourselves, managing to reduce this impact to the limit of the possible, provided that we do not diminish the design and quality of our products.

Our shoes meet the highest quality standards on the market, positioning our brand at the same level or higher as the best but non eco-friendly products on the market.


We measure the impact of our manufacturing to the atmosphere, our carbon footprint, and we offset it by 100%, plus an additional 10%, to compensate for possible deviations in the measurement and also as a sign to help the planet by other companies that don’t.

This compensation is performed in collaboration with